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rap studio equipment

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rap studio equipment

how do i start a recording studio?

i want to start rapping and i want to know what i need, what equipments, and what software on the computer and how do i get those mics the cool rapping mics that you see in rapping studios

Ill tell you the guy Mathew above me isnt giving you good advice, as new as you sound you would waste your money at a studio. My set up is a C1 Studio Projects Condenser Microphone, Portable Studio, and adobe audition on my computer for vocal production. You will spend 15 to 20 thousand dollars at minimum going to a studio for all of your songs before you even have a half chance of getting signed. You can buy your own as cheap as 400 dollars, and practice until your good enough to hire a sound engineer and make a demo.


Thats a sample of my recording, I may not be the best rapper, but I definitely have enough stuff to do some high quality practicing on before I spend legitimate money at a studio and hiring a sound engineer. You need ALOT of practice first. The condenser microphone and studio you will have to pay for, but I can give you production tips and also tell you how to get adobe audition for free. Just sent me an email and I will let you know.

(Mathew is just a spammer trying to advertise his business, if you dont believe me then just check his answers to other questions)

rap studio equipment

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